Hey Everyone!

Gather around on the 23rd of  December!
There'll be a reunion of the Brown & Christmas
Make sure you'll be there! In the comments say if you can make it ~mimi~ See you there  ;)

Date - December 23, 2013
Time - 1pm Eastern Standard Time
Place - Family Home
1212 Country Drive
Shady Oaks, Migoland 00123

What to bring: Yourself and friends
Hosts: Diamond Elle Brown and Promise Brown-Christmas

Post provided by: Mimi Mabelle Blue

    RSVP Form (Please RSVP in the comments section as well)

Thank you in advance for RSVP'ing
12/27/2013 10:07:39

Thanks to everyone who came and RSVP'd! If u RSVP'd, I got ur message!!

~Promise V. B. Christmas~

PS: Hey Karl! I got ur message... Diamond is doing fine! :D Plz lemme know what day u'd be available for another party.

12/27/2013 10:08:18

BTW, the pic from the event is posted on the "Migoland Fun" tab...

1/30/2014 18:09:46

Darn I missed it! I didn't even know you still post events on here Pro

3/3/2015 09:02:27

Long time no see :(

miss u all


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