Well a family member of the Brown Family decided  to go the other way around to Hollywood; the family decided to go to mexico but no! Karina said she wanted to  follow her dream in Hollywood do be singer\actress\dancer.

So do you think Karina made a mistake? Comment if you think she did not make a mistake to follow her dream and her mom should not be mad at her.

~ Written by: Karina Cool Brown~

Karina's Aunt
9/24/2012 02:58:59

Hey Karina, I didn't know u were moving! Have u told Perfect yet? Zendaya

karinacool brown
9/24/2012 09:17:36

(Hey this is Promise. She posted her reply in the wrong comment box. She put it in the main page comment box. This is wut she said...)

"yeah zen im moving to hollywood and no my mom dose not know but if u ever see her tell her ok i am already enjoin my life in hollywood i am already a lead roll in a movie my life is.... GREAT"

10/31/2012 09:54:42

Im pretty sure karinas movie will become one woman movie.. Lol... Or maybe karina is lying cuz i doubt karina is in a movie being lead role.

9/24/2012 09:23:09

OH thanks for telling me

Karina Brown
9/30/2012 08:05:58

(This is Promise posting for Karina... she posted her response in the wrong place)

no problemo zen

Zoey Brown-Katie
9/25/2012 11:10:16


Diamond Brown
9/27/2012 10:31:57

I think Karina needs to be considerate of her mothers feelings. I bet Perfect is disappointed Karina left without telling her.

Karina should come back home!!

-D. Elle Brown

9/28/2012 02:00:41

I told Perfect about this and she said NO! Karina u should of talked to Perfect before u left

9/28/2012 13:22:12

I agree.

~Promise Brown-Christmas~


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