Sup peoples!

It is none other than cLaYfAcE!!! Yep, Clayface Bluebell checking in on the blog. (Awesome, I have my own blog post!! It's a CLAYFACE TAKEOVA' BABY!! LMBO).

I am here to let everybody know about the release of the FANTASTIC movie I and many others are in. I starred as myself, Clayface Bluebell, and I was Dr. Jazzy Playdo's evil sidekick. If you weren't in the movie, Prom Christmas, also known as Promise, is doin' casting calls this whole entire weekend for "The Super Movie 2: A Good Evil Love Affair". Hit her up on YouTube @ThePromise1212 and send her a message 2 her inbox or just talk to her on www.migoland.com .

The first movie is super super super cool if you ask me; tell me what you think by clicking the comments button and clicking reply! Here's the link to the movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0Ji_IFwMxA


9/27/2012 19:26:56

Tell me what you think here. :P

9/28/2012 22:17:56

I thought the movie was really kool! I put together video full of the movie's bloopers myself; it was fun to put together.

My fave scene from da movie was the first scene! Karl was in it! He was smacking the superheroes; hahaha, he was kicking butt... at least for a minute or so. By the way, I always love a lil' action.

The music selection was good, too.
-D. Elle Brown

Clayface fan
9/28/2012 22:19:54

Oooh, and Clay! Yu were great too. I loved dat last scene with yu, Dr. Jazz Playdo and Mrs. Playdo. It waz when yu guys went to Prom's house to invite her to tea. HILARIOUS

-D. Elle Brown

9/30/2012 07:22:02

Cant wait for the movie XD its gonna be brilliant!

9/30/2012 08:13:08

Heya Dajazz,

The movie is already out! Clayface posted the link above.

~Promise Brown-Christmas

10/2/2012 09:47:41

I saw the movie!!!!!! And I loved it!

chacha blue
10/11/2012 22:40:51

i loved the movie but one of the parts in there i was suppose to be....

10/15/2012 17:48:58

IKR! U were at some of the practices, but u weren't online 4 the recordings :(

I promise I'll make sure ur in the 2nd movie :D


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