When: December 7, 2012
What: November Member of the Month  Party
Where: Diamond Brown's home
1012 Tasty  Towers Drive, Migopolis, Migoland  41111
Time: 7:30 Eastern Standard  Time
Host: Diamond Brown & Promise Christmas

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PS: Special thank you to everyone who participated in the MOTM election this November!
Sincerely, Promise Brown-Christmas

Diamond Elle
12/2/2012 10:37:00

Will b there!

-D. Elle Brown

12/2/2012 17:53:39

ill be there

12/8/2012 22:29:36

i feel that amy cheated unfairly and jason should win family meember of the month. amy does not deserve it. she has been reported by xat, she has been banned my zendaya/rocky on this chat the other day and gizmo was following her so i think she cheated and jason has beenn working really hard to be family memeber of the month and he should recieve it because hes really sad i think about him losing because amy blue cheated


O_O mimi
12/30/2012 09:38:17

hmm O_O is that sonic O_O hmm drew,tron O_O who is it

1/3/2013 18:03:18

Im unknown! You will never find out who I'm is! Keep sucking dick peeps!

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