Congratulations to Maya Bella Blue for winning the February and March Member of the Month! We need someone to host the party for her... This will be a big bash because this will be the last and final MOTM.

Reply to this post to volunteer to throw the party. Write me and Promise back and let us know the details of the party and we'll make an appearance at the party! This will be a family reunion type event where me and Promise will come back to migoland that day, and hangout with everyone. Look 4ward 2 seeing yu.

-Signed D. Elle Brown

2/23/2014 11:17:30

Dajazz here, just wanted to let everyone know that i'm back. I've had problems with my account but I'm sure it will all be sorted out very soon. Hope your all well. See you soon!

3/9/2014 19:37:32

Hey just wanted to tell u guys im back. Promise im still have some problems with mimi and amy but trying to get it together. And i know im the daughter of you. But coming up soon im gonna be get a cam.


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