When: October 8, 2012
Where: Diamond Brown's home
1012 Tasty Towers Drive, Migopolis, Migoland 41111
Time: 5:30 Eastern Standard Time
Host: Promise Brown-Christmas

Make sure you RSVP by replying to this blog post!!! xD

Promise Christmas
10/6/2012 23:10:13

I'll be there! xD

10/11/2012 12:38:45

hey promise long time no see!

10/15/2012 17:47:51


10/19/2012 03:29:14

Been very busy sorry guys! AND PROMISE I LOVE THE MOVIE! ... AND YOU OF COURSE LOL :-P

Promise Christmas
10/21/2012 18:01:58


BTW, I've been working on a website 4 the Hoods Gang :D Kinda wanted it to b a surprise. U don't have 2 use it; although, if u liked it I could make u an editor of the site and u could take over. xP

Email me at Promise@writeme.com for more info!!

~Promise Brown-Christmas~

Promise Christmas
11/26/2012 21:17:36

DAJAZZ, the whole family misses u! I thought I hadn't seen u cuz I haven't been online alot but no one else has seen u for a month or so! I pray that ur alive and all is well. Email me or reply to this blog so we can know ur okay - promise@writeme.com

~Promise Christmas~

Diamond Elle
10/7/2012 20:49:37

RSVP from mee

~D. Elle Brown

Zoey Brown
10/8/2012 12:52:36

OMG TELL ME THE TIME IN MOUNTAIN XD, im to dumb to findnout mountain time. Im gonna try to come if i can find out the time,,,l grr i should movemto eastern time zoen lol then these events will be easy to go to. I miss out on events so i really need to come to this one!

10/8/2012 15:32:47

Hay, it's 3 hours ahead of your time so 2 o'clock. But, sadly, me and Pro won't be home until 7 Eastern. I think we will be home for sure then. Zoey, if Goku can't postpone until 7, can yu host the party at your house?

10/8/2012 15:37:04

ok. I'll tell goku and if he cant change event time then i will host it

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