Dear Diary,

    I am completely stunned by the Zendaya, Abby, and Clayface love story! Clayface is one of my dear friends; Zendaya is my sister and Abby is my granddaughter. And to this day, I remember when Zendaya told me she had a "crush" on Clayface. 

    A couple months ago Clayface was a "evil" robber and kidnapper. He was feared and despised by the family, but I always knew his "evil act" was a joke and was supposed to be funny. He use to be evil partners with his girlfriend, I-am-Inque. Although, he gave it all up for Zendaya and to be able to be allies with Dajazz's gang, The Hoods Gang. Before Clay gave up his evil carreer, Abby  WAS TOTALLY RUDE/HARSH towards him. She cursed him out, argued with him, and even hit him a couple times.  No one had the slightest clue that Abby actually had a crush on Clayface!

    As Zendaya and Clayface became closer and closer friends (even starting their own new club), Abby became jealous of the couple.  She always wanted to speak to Clayface in "privacy". Plus, according to Clayface, Abby once kissed him while talking in privacy!!  He said she wanted him to secretly come see her and cheat on Zendaya (oo la la). Goku also said that Abby kissed him as well; could this have been to make Clayface jealous??

    Clayface told me about this situation and I WAS SHOCKED.  In fact, Clayface said he told Zendaya about Abby and she did nothing! She allowed Abby to hangout with them, consider them all "bffs", and she even allowed Abby to mention them both "sharing" Clayface! I mean..... that's where I would draw the line; wouldn't you diary? If someone wanted me to share Dajazz with them, I would be like, "HECKLE TO THE NAW". :D (click Read More)

Dear Blog Diary,

    Yesterday was a ball of confusion!
Sonic showed up in XAT chat yesterday and was kind & friendly. I acted friendly back; I was trying to be nice because he and Dajazz are friends. So I joked and laughed and talked! When he asked me if we were friends, I told him "not really". Sonic never removed the lies he posted about me on the Blue Family Webiste (and now the Red Family Website). What kind of friend would do that??  Then he asked me if I trusted him; truth is, I don't. His personality changes A LOT. Just as I thought, everytime I try to act kind, the lying comes back and my old feelings come back! Sonic, as you can see from the picture, also went back to acting normal.

    He stated, "We have both done wrong and are liars." Which, once again is another lie. When I asked him what I had done to "wrong" him, he couldn't recall. He also brought Abby, Mimi, Diamond, and Goku into this (look at the picture). Mimi was there when this happened, but the other 3 were  never mentioned while I was online chatting with him. Plus, when he heard comments about Dajazz saying he was g*y, he immediately took that opportunity to say, "I told you so!!". He tried to cuddle/hug me saying, "Dajazz is a cheater. CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT." But I'm still not sure if Dajazz's chat comment was real or a joke :S I was COMPLETELY, I repeat, COMPLETELY stunned when I opened up Mimi's website to see Dajazz's comment. (Click Read More)