Hey Everyone!

Gather around on the 23rd of  December!
There'll be a reunion of the Brown & Christmas
Make sure you'll be there! In the comments say if you can make it ~mimi~ See you there  ;)

Date - December 23, 2013
Time - 1pm Eastern Standard Time
Place - Family Home
1212 Country Drive
Shady Oaks, Migoland 00123

What to bring: Yourself and friends
Hosts: Diamond Elle Brown and Promise Brown-Christmas

Post provided by: Mimi Mabelle Blue

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Thank you in advance for RSVP'ing
Congratulations to Maya Bella Blue for winning the February and March Member of the Month! We need someone to host the party for her... This will be a big bash because this will be the last and final MOTM.

Reply to this post to volunteer to throw the party. Write me and Promise back and let us know the details of the party and we'll make an appearance at the party! This will be a family reunion type event where me and Promise will come back to migoland that day, and hangout with everyone. Look 4ward 2 seeing yu.

-Signed D. Elle Brown

Hihi guys! Jason needs an MOTM party. If you are interested in hosting it, please respond to this blog post.

D. Elle Brown

Hey you guys! On December 12th, me and Diamond will be turning 15 years old! Woo-hoo! After our 15th b-day, we probably won't be playing on migoland.com as much, but we will make sure 2 keep in touch with everyone on promise1212.weebly.com.

Plz come out to our migoland b-day/farewell party!

When: December 8th, 2012
Time: 5:30 Eastern Standard Time
Where: Our home, Promise Brown-Christmas' house
1212 Country Drive
Shady Oaks, Migoland 00123

What to bring: Yourself!
Host: Clayface Bluebell

Yours Truly, Diamond and Promise

When: November 10, 2012
What: October Member of the
Month Party
Where: Diamond Brown's home
1012 Tasty  Towers Drive, Migopolis, Migoland  41111
Time: 7:30 Eastern Standard  Time
Host: Diamond Brown & Promise Christmas

RSVP by commenting on this post

PS: Special thank you to everyone who participated in the MOTM election this October! Those people whos votes weren't counted for this month due to them getting moderator reports or being blamed for bullying will get a chance 2 win in Novermber if the family sees a change in their character!  
Sincerely, Promise Brown-Christmas

When: October 27, 2012
What: September Member of the Month Party
Where: Diamond Brown's home
1012 Tasty Towers Drive, Migopolis, Migoland

Time: 7:30 Eastern Standard Time
Host: Diamond Brown

We need all the part-tay ppl in da building! =) RSVP by commenting on this post

Sup peoples!

It is none other than cLaYfAcE!!! Yep, Clayface Bluebell checking in on the blog. (Awesome, I have my own blog post!! It's a CLAYFACE TAKEOVA' BABY!! LMBO).

I am here to let everybody know about the release of the FANTASTIC movie I and many others are in. I starred as myself, Clayface Bluebell, and I was Dr. Jazzy Playdo's evil sidekick. If you weren't in the movie, Prom Christmas, also known as Promise, is doin' casting calls this whole entire weekend for "The Super Movie 2: A Good Evil Love Affair". Hit her up on YouTube @ThePromise1212 and send her a message 2 her inbox or just talk to her on www.migoland.com .

The first movie is super super super cool if you ask me; tell me what you think by clicking the comments button and clicking reply! Here's the link to the movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0Ji_IFwMxA


Well a family member of the Brown Family decided  to go the other way around to Hollywood; the family decided to go to mexico but no! Karina said she wanted to  follow her dream in Hollywood do be singer\actress\dancer.

So do you think Karina made a mistake? Comment if you think she did not make a mistake to follow her dream and her mom should not be mad at her.

~ Written by: Karina Cool Brown~

Hay peeps,

It's mee, Diamond Brown! On Friday, 9-28-12, at 5 o'clock Eastern Standard time, I will be hosting a surpise anniversary party for Promise and Dajazz. Well, I guess it really isn't a secret anymore since iam posting the invite. 0_0 =)

All family and friends are invited to participate in the festivites. Pls see the below invitation. Make sure you RSVP by commenting on my blog post. C:

Signed- D. Elle Brown

When: September 28, 2012
Where: 1012 Tasty Towers Drive, Migopolis, Migoland 41111
(aka Diamond Brown's  home)
Time: 5:00 Eastern Time
What  to bring:  Chefs hats, Doctors hats, presents (optional) and a happy spirit!
Host: Diamond Elle Brown and you! The whole family

Dear Blog Diary,

    Yesterday was a ball of confusion!
Sonic showed up in XAT chat yesterday and was kind & friendly. I acted friendly back; I was trying to be nice because he and Dajazz are friends. So I joked and laughed and talked! When he asked me if we were friends, I told him "not really". Sonic never removed the lies he posted about me on the Blue Family Webiste (and now the Red Family Website). What kind of friend would do that??  Then he asked me if I trusted him; truth is, I don't. His personality changes A LOT. Just as I thought, everytime I try to act kind, the lying comes back and my old feelings come back! Sonic, as you can see from the picture, also went back to acting normal.

    He stated, "We have both done wrong and are liars." Which, once again is another lie. When I asked him what I had done to "wrong" him, he couldn't recall. He also brought Abby, Mimi, Diamond, and Goku into this (look at the picture). Mimi was there when this happened, but the other 3 were  never mentioned while I was online chatting with him. Plus, when he heard comments about Dajazz saying he was g*y, he immediately took that opportunity to say, "I told you so!!". He tried to cuddle/hug me saying, "Dajazz is a cheater. CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT." But I'm still not sure if Dajazz's chat comment was real or a joke :S I was COMPLETELY, I repeat, COMPLETELY stunned when I opened up Mimi's website to see Dajazz's comment. (Click Read More)