On 23rd August 2012, in Tasty Towers Diner - 619 Tasty Towers Drive, Migopolis, Migoland - terrible events began to take place. 

First of all, Mr. Jackson, a pleasant elderly man in his late fifties, claimed he had been threatened by a younger man. Mr. Jackson described the man as a youth in his twenties wearing a red hoodie, covering his violent face.
He said to the Hoods Gang, "I was sitting down next to the till when the younger man came and  sat down beside me. He had blood dripping from his hand so I asked him if he was ok.
'Oh you don’t wanna know!' he replied.... (click Read More)

'Actually I do. I wanna help you!' I said to him.
'Ok then give me fifty dollars!' he said with a grin on his face as he showed me his gun!'"

To Be Continued…

~Sincerely, Dajazz Christmas - Hoods Gang Leader
Promise Christmas
9/2/2012 05:18:00

Love the story, "Dr. Jazzy"! Can't wait to hear the rest!

Yours truly,
Agent Promise Chrstimas

9/3/2012 03:42:44

Coming soon XD btw we need to talk

Diamond Brown
9/3/2012 16:39:17

Ahhh! Omg, this is taking place so close to my home! I live in the Tasty Towers building. o_O :P

Hihi Dajazz! Good news report. Hope this is solved b4 Bella's party.

-D. Elle Brown

9/6/2012 16:25:08

Dont worry diamondz the case is solved :D and thanks!

Diamond Brown
9/6/2012 18:24:28

OMG, is what Mimi posted on the main page of her website true??

-D. Elle Brown

9/7/2012 12:39:47

I dunno what did she post?

Diamond Elle
9/7/2012 15:10:07

Dajazz, Mimi posted a pic on her website of you saying "im g*y" and "chat sh**". Me and Pro were like.... uhmmm. And I'm thinking, "But he's married to my sister."

~D. Elle Brown

9/8/2012 13:11:56

I promise i never wrote that someone was on my account! No one believes me i am not and never will be gay! And i seen Mimi and Amy told me she doesnt believe me! Looks like sonic is right after all! I am gonna kill my self!!!

9/5/2012 03:55:31

abby tried to kiss me

9/13/2012 21:52:51

abby and mimi were cursing last night

mimmi wasnt curseing lil noy
9/30/2012 03:29:43

gues wah I didn't swear I actdenly said this s word so wah I said srry I didn't meanit so goku don't talk if you dint know

9/14/2012 02:58:01


9/21/2012 06:42:16

To my knowledge, Mimi and Abby r no longer fighting! Don't worry, I think they fixed thangs.

~Promise Brown-Christmas~


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