Hey you guys! On December 12th, me and Diamond will be turning 15 years old! Woo-hoo! After our 15th b-day, we probably won't be playing on migoland.com as much, but we will make sure 2 keep in touch with everyone on promise1212.weebly.com.

Plz come out to our migoland b-day/farewell party!

When: December 8th, 2012
Time: 5:30 Eastern Standard Time
Where: Our home, Promise Brown-Christmas' house
1212 Country Drive
Shady Oaks, Migoland 00123

What to bring: Yourself!
Host: Clayface Bluebell

Yours Truly, Diamond and Promise

When: December 7, 2012
What: November Member of the Month  Party
Where: Diamond Brown's home
1012 Tasty  Towers Drive, Migopolis, Migoland  41111
Time: 7:30 Eastern Standard  Time
Host: Diamond Brown & Promise Christmas

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PS: Special thank you to everyone who participated in the MOTM election this November!
Sincerely, Promise Brown-Christmas